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Glass Repair | Glass Replacement | Sydney NSW | Trident Glass Repairs

Finding the right glass repairs and replacement service in Sydney can be a bit more challenging than most people expect.

Not all glass repair and glass replacement are created equally. For a number of years now, we have been offering some of the most recommended Glass Repair solution in all of Sydney in the Greater New South Wales community.

Working side-by-side with our commercial clients to find a custom tailored solution that fits their needs, their budget, and their schedule perfectly, we are able to guarantee our glass replacement and your satisfaction in a way that many of the other office cleaning operations out there cannot.

Owned and operated by locals to the Sydney community, every day we help make sure that our friends, partners, community members, and neighbors enjoy the quality glass replacement – properties possible – giving them the perfect platform to conduct business and the best face forward for their clients and their customers.

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Double Glazing Glass Replacement | Sydney NSW | Trident Glass Repairs

With this selection available, it is challenging to know which level of glazing is best for you. Double glazing helps add insulation to your window, so the higher the grade, the more shielded you will be from noise. Aside from the energy efficiency provided by double glazing, triple glazing is also ideal if you are looking for additional warmth, security and noise reduction. So if cold weather or excessive noise is a common problem in your area, triple glazing could be an option for you. As for single glazing, the main benefit is the lower price in comparison to its counterparts.

Insulated Glass Installations | Sydney NSW | Trident Glass Repairs

Windows and doors play a significant part in heat loss in a property. Having energy-efficient windows and doors will surely reduce the gas or electricity bill. It is essential to ensure all windows and doors are fully draft proof, however fully functioning windows and doors is not enough to retain the heat at home. As soon as the sun sets, a well-heated home will lose heat rapidly through the windows and exit as the air outside the home is more relaxed than the air inside, causing the heat particles from the house to diffuse out through the windows and doors.

Insulated glazing is created with glass in a range of thickness from 3mm to 12mm or more. Insulation is mainly built using double-pane or triple-pane glass separated by a sealed air or gas space to minimize the transfer of heat across a particular area of a building.


With our extensive experience, Trident Glass has built a reputation as an innovative company that meets the demands of design and imagination of their clients.

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Although go-getting modern Sydney may not seem particularly interested in the past, it’s surprisingly easy to catch glimpses of what’s gone before. Ancient rock carvings still adorn the headlands, people continue to travel along convict-hewn roads and large chunks of the harbour look much as they did when the First Fleet breezed in and changed absolutely everything. Stories of convicts who became pillars of society are numerous, reflected today in the city’s modern ‘anyone can be anything’ optimism.