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Custom Glass

Highly Qualified Professional Glazier with Over 12 Years’ Experience in the Industry

Complete Custom Glass and Glazing Services: Advice, Replacement, Design & Installation


Sydney’s Leading Custom Glass Repair and Custom Glass Replacement Services by Trident Glass Repairs

Trident Glass offers a complete range of installation, repair & replacement services for custom glass and custom safety glass in Sydney

Trident Glass – High-quality Custom Safety Glass At Affordable Prices in Sydney

Trident Glass is a leading company for emergency glass repairs in Sydney that provides a complete range of innovative and safe solutions for custom glass in Sydney to meet the most challenging needs of our clients. We specialize in all areas of custom glass designing, installing and repairing. Additionally, you can contact us for a free consultation on all your glass installation projects. Trident Glass has the knowledge and experience to deliver highly advanced custom safety glass products and solutions. We also now offer custom safety glass designed to not only protect but also enhance your premises’ appearance. These specialised glass products are built to last and can withstand even the harshest of conditions. They can also significantly reduce workplace injuries caused due to poor-quality glass. Contact us to learn more.

All our glass products are custom-made and cut to size. They are highly efficient in terms of safety and performance. Besides that, our qualified and licensed glazing experts will carefully install and/or repair your custom glass to offer you a premium experience on a budget. For affordable and high-quality solutions in custom glass in Sydney, remember Trident Glass!

All our custom glazing solutions and glass products are offered in compliance with the Australian Standard.

Custom Cut Glass Services in Sydney

Whether you are looking to buy & install custom-cut glass on your premises or want us to replace your existing glass with a new, custom-made glass, you can trust us for great quality service at a reasonable price.

We provide services in custom glass in Sydney in a wide range of glass varieties, including but not limited to, custom toughened glass, custom safety glass, frosted glass, grey tinted glass, laminated glass, custom mirror, custom glass splashback, glass staircase, and custom pool raked panel. All custom glass work is done by our trained and certified team. Based on your particular requirements, we can offer custom cut glass in a variety of sizes, thickness and dimensions. From glass cutting to hole drilling, polishing of edges, and installing, everything is included in our custom glazing service.


Custom Glass Design & Cutting

We design & offer customized glass that is cut to size to fit your particular requirements. Order modern glazing solutions for doors, windows, bathroom, pool or other positions.

Glass Installation

Affordable & reliable custom glass installation service with complete guarantee of safe and damage-free glass installation at your home or office anywhere in Sydney. Call now to order.

Glass Repairing

Got a damaged glass or mirror in need of emergency repair? Our diligent team can repair all types of damaged glass with efficiency and cleanliness & satisfaction guaranteed.

Glass Replacement

Get your old or damaged glass replaced by a better, newer & stronger glass designed by our wonderful team and installed with utmost care and safety to fit your surroundings.

Custom Glass Consulting

Need expert advice or help with custom glass installation, repairing or cutting? Contact us to set up a meeting with our certified glazing experts for all your consulting needs.

Services in Custom Safety Glass in Sydney by Trident Glass

Safety glass is a new type of safety-focused glass product that is recommended to be installed in high-traffic areas and places where glass is often subject to human impact. The use of extra toughened/laminated safety glass in such places can greatly help reduce injuries.

Safety glass is a specialised glass product that is meticulously laminated so as to not splinter when broken, thus reducing the extent of damage to the people around. Though the Australian standard recommends installing toughened glass in high-traffic areas, we recommend using the safety glass for added protection. Trident Glass now provides complete custom safety glass products and solutions along with comprehensive installation and repair services.

We provide services in custom safety glass in Sydney for the following areas in an office/facility:

Glass doors

Shop Front glass windows

Low-level glazing

Bathroom glazing

Sliding mirror doors

Glass roofing

Glass partitions

If you have any special requirements or want us to take a look at your project for customised glazing solutions, feel free to get in touch.

Custom Glass

Why Trident Glass for Custom Glass & Safety Glass in Sydney

Over the years, we have served hundreds of Sydney residents and businesses with all their needs for modern and high-quality glazing solutions. Whatever your requirements are, we can help design, install, repair and replace the best quality custom safety glass to keep your home or office safe.

All-inclusive glass products & solutions

We design all types of glass for homes & offices and offer complete glass & glazing solutions, including custom glass in Sydney, glazing, mirrors, emergency repairs, replacement, and double glazing

Experienced and licensed glazing experts

Our specialist team of trained and licensed glazing experts have years of experience in designing, installing, replacing and repairing glass positions for our customers all over Sydney.

Emergency glass repair & replacement

We also provide emergency glass repair services, where our technicians will arrive as soon as possible to replace the broken glass at your home or office and perform on-the-spot repairs in no time.

Custom Glass Sydney

Affordable pricing

Trident Glass offers unmatched quality glass products and services at very affordable prices. Our solutions in custom safety glass in Sydney will fit perfectly in your budget and exceed your expectations every time. Customised glazing solutions and glass products that are cut to size and made to order so as to fit your particular needs. Custom glass solutions that are designed to fit your surroundings and requirements.

24/7 on-call service and support

Now ordering a glazing service from Trident Glass is super easy. Call our 24*7 support or drop an email with your requirements and we will arrange an emergency glass repair/installation service for you.

Glass Sydney

Solutions & Services for Custom Glass in Sydney with a Safety Promise

When it comes to custom glass & glazing, we do it all here at Trident Glass. From laminated glass to high-quality safety glass, toughened and strengthened glass products, everything can be installed on your premises by our diligent team of expert & trained technicians in the shortest time possible. We offer a variety of glass solutions and services and can deliver them to your location anytime & anywhere in Sydney. Our high quality products combined with outstanding workmanship will ensure you get the best results always.

As one of Sydney’s leading providers of customised glass products and solutions, Trident Glass is trusted by hundreds of commercial and residential customers for quality and innovation. We offer a complete range of glass solutions ranging from emergency glass repair to the supply of laminated glass, toughened glass & custom safety glass in Sydney, custom cut mirrors and shower screens, glass splashbacks, pool fences and balustrades. With years of experience and the use of the latest glass cutting & design technologies, materials and craftsmanship, we have built a reputation as a leader in high-performance glass solutions that are tailored to fit your requirements. We also provide glass consulting and advice to customers in Sydney.

Not sure what kind of glass or glazing service is right for your particular needs? No issues. Contact us to get in touch with our expert team to get answers to all your queries related to glass repair, installation, replacement and cutting services in Sydney.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find custom glass services in Sydney?

There are several reputable glass companies in Sydney that offer custom glass services. It’s recommended to search online directories, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or family to find a reliable glass company that specializes in custom glass products.

What types of custom glass products can I get?

In Sydney, you can find a wide range of custom glass products, including custom glass windows, glass doors, shower screens, glass partitions, glass balustrades, glass tabletops, and glass splashbacks. These products can be tailored to fit your specific measurements, style preferences, and design requirements.

How long does it take to get custom glass products ?

The timeframe for custom glass products can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the availability of materials, and the workload of the glass company. It’s best to consult with the glass company directly to get an estimate of the production and installation timeline for your specific project.

Can custom glass be used for commercial projects in Sydney?

Yes, custom glass products are commonly used for commercial projects in Sydney. Glass companies can provide customized solutions for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments. These can include glass storefronts, glass partitions, glass display cases, and more.

How much does custom glass in Sydney cost?

The cost of custom glass products in Sydney can vary depending on factors such as the size, type of glass, design complexity, and additional features or finishes. It’s recommended to request quotes from multiple glass companies to compare prices and choose the one that offers the best value for your specific requirements.

We have a long list of extremely satisfied clients who called on us for their glass work requirements and got far more than they requested for, getting the job completed in double quick time.


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What clients say about

Cat door installation
“ Trident Glass supplied a new custom cut toughened glass panel for out cat door. Communicating with Harry was a breeze and the work was done quickly and cleanly. “

Jessica White Ashfield

Glass Repair
"Harry did a great job and for the agreed price. He worked neatly and tidied up the site after the repair. I would Happily hire him again."

Carey Lindfield West

Window glass replacement
"Harry is on time and keeps you informed. Very professional and fantastic neat work."

Santhosh Quakers Hill

Repair Broken window
"Harry did a great job! Reasonable price, quick response, fulfilled all the requirements. I would highly recommend Harry for his services."

Amy Baulkham Hills

Window glass replacement
"Harry provided a very professional service. Good communication and on time. I highly recommended his service."

Billy Hassall Grove

Office glass partitioning supply and install
"Trident Glass team completed the glass work of my office recently. During the work period, they have always been professional, reliable and quick to respond at any time."

Henry Penrith

Broken Glass Replacement
“I have valued the commitment and quality service provided by Trident Glass. Strongly recommend Trident without hesitation”

John Dee Why

Cat door installation
"Trident Glass supplied a new custom cut toughened glass panel for out cat door. Communicating with Harry was a breeze and the work was done quickly and cleanly."

Jessica White Ashfield


What are the benefits of custom glass?

Custom glass has various benefits such as:

Improved protection from break-ins.
Security from UV beams.
Decreased heat move.
Energy effectiveness.
Sound hosing.

What is the cost to make custom glass?

For normal tasks like single sheet windows, photo frames, and so on, the actual glass regularly costs according to square foot. thicker the glass the higher the cost.

Best Custom Glass Solutions near me

Trident are among the top Leading Custom Glass Repairs and Custom Glass Replacement Services in Sydney. Choose from our wide range of custom glass.

Custom glass are used in which areas in an office/facility

We provide services in custom safety glass in Sydney for the following areas in an office/facility:

Glass doors Shop,  Front glass windows, Low-level glazing, Bathroom glazing, Sliding mirror doors, Glass roofing & Glass partitions