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Mirrors and lift mirrors

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Sydney’s Leading Mirror Repair and Replacement Services

Mirrors are an important part of our house. They are needed in the bedroom or bathroom, and also create the illusion of space and possess the key design tool for any residential and commercial space. Contact Trident Glass for solutions for your lift mirrors and bathroom or wall mirrors in Sydney. Our in-house glazing and cutting facility specializes in custom mirror fabrication and installation and offers functional and aesthetically enhancing mirror design solutions for any premises.

The Mirrors and glass team possess years of experience in installing residential mirror designs and large-scale commercial mirror fabrication, including fitness studios, office foyers, and lifts. We have skilled and experienced technicians who know how to properly install and set the mirrors in ordinary places or in the lift. We also Specialize in mirror replacement.

A mirror is used to critique ourselves. Our preliminary research revealed that seeing through the intention to be kind to ourselves can diminish anxiety. We use the mirror for communicating with ourselves, to get feedback on who we are and what we are feeling. Mirrors help us regulate our emotions and sync up with our inner selves.

Switch to the best Mirrors with Trident Group

Modern Bathroom With Shower

Our skilled team of experts use cutting-edge fabrication techniques along with the highest safety standards to give you a luxury finish for your wall or bathroom mirrors in Sydney, in the office or in your home. Through vinyl application as per Grade B safety standards, Magic Glass mirror installations pose the highest integrity for durability and safety, and offer productive results that maximize space.

We have the advanced equipment through which we install our mirrors in less time. Our installation process gets done successfully without any accidents, because we provide our staff and clients all the safety gear necessary when we execute the work. Concerned about mirror replacement? We are also available to meet your needs.

The quality of our mirrors is highly refined as compared to the other companies because we use mirrors from suppliers who are tested and verified thus ensuring the long life of the mirror. Our Emergency Glass Repairs company offers cost-effective services. Our price plans are lower as compared to the other mirror service providing companies. We charge according to the square footage along with our installation charge. There are no hidden charges at all. Contact Trident Glass Repairs immediately!

Advantages of installing Residential mirrors

The practical and primary function of the mirror is to give you the reflection to your hair, makeup, or shaving. Many people feel that they are helpless and lost without a mirror nearby.

Illusion of space

Smaller rooms like bathrooms, foyers, and narrow hallways are given the illusion of enhanced space through the addition of a large wall mirror.

Feeling of elegance

Including a mirror can add value to your property.

Brightens any room similar to light

Wall mirrors in Sydney can reflect natural sunlight through the glass windows or doors so as to add light to the room. They can also bounce the light through the light sources that are used, to add the feeling of space during the day or night.

Modern White Bathroom

Where should mirrors be placed?

Bathrooms – Above vanities or full-width mirrors

Walk-in wardrobes


Wardrobe doors

Near front doors

Home gyms

Mirrors And Lift Mirrors

Mirrors – Measure, supply, and installation

Mirrors for hair salons

Salons need mirrors so that customers can check out their new looks and new styles. The mirror can be used to check out the hair design in a hair salon. We can supply and install mirrors for hair salons in all shapes and sizes.

Pilates and Gym Mirrors

We also supply and install large mirror walls for commercial gyms and pilates studios in Sydney. Our team has already installed countless mirrors for Sydney fitness enthusiasts.

Custom build mirrors

We offer mirrors for application in domestic or commercial properties. Measure, supply, and installation is the major service that we offer. Trident Glass offers the highest quality custom-made mirrors.

Shapes like square, rectangle, round, oval, and hexagon can be made in a plain silver mirror or as a tinted mirror.

Bathroom Mirrors

There are various styles of bathroom mirrors used for mirror glass replacement or new installations, but modern design consists of a seamless frameless look. Frameless bathroom mirrors can span from wall to wall and extend from vanity to the ceiling. Frameless mirrors provide a huge and effective transformation to any restroom or bathroom. Furthermore, a mirror gives an attractive look to the bathroom and transforms its overall ambiance

Frameless mirrors

The major advantage of the frameless mirror is that it has an uncluttered seamless look and less maintenance

The absence of a frame adds to the illusion of more space and is the major advantage of installing mirrors in residential or commercial spaces. Frameless mirrors dominate the present interior design aims where a modern seamless appearance is needed.

Best Mirrors & Lift Mirrors in Sydney

Features of wall mirrors

Usually 6mm thick

Available in clear silver or tinted mirror

Custom made for any wall

Polished and beveled edges

Available in laminated or vinyl backed mirror

Custom mirror installation

Common positions for wall mirrors

Restaurants Mirror Walls

Shop Mirror Walls

Bars Mirrors

Gym Mirrors

Lobby Mirror Walls

Lift Mirrors

Office Reception Mirror Walls

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Mirror in Bathroom
Mirrors And Lift Mirrors in Bathroom

Maintenance of the mirrors

Trident Group provides you with unmatched maintenance and mirror glass replacements whatever your requirements are.

See your shipments on arrival: If you notice any mishandling while your mirror is being delivered, contact your Trident representative immediately for assistance. You should contact the carrier’s agent and get the inspection report. If there seems to be moisture present, then the mirrors should not get packed and should be held to get dry

Store in dry, ventilated spaces: Deterioration can be seen on the mirrors which are exposed to higher humidity or chemical fumes.

The safest cleaner is clean, warm water with a soft cloth: The verified glass cleaner like Windex Glass Plus or other products should be avoided.

Do not use any acid, alkali, abrasive, or concentrated ammonia-based cleaners: All these cleaners will damage the surface of the mirror and edges and the stainless steel frame

Do not spray any cleaner directly onto a mirror: It is better to apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then wipe the mirror. This will eliminate the “puddling” at the mirror edge where the cleaner could attack the backing or attack the mirror silvering.

Do NOT hose down the mirror: It is better to wipe down the mirror using a soft cloth for dirt removal

Wear gloves when cleaning to limit damage to the face or backing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lift mirror?

A lift mirror, also known as a TV mirror or mirror TV, is a special type of mirror that can function as a traditional mirror when turned off and transform into a television screen when turned on. These mirrors offer a seamless and stylish integration of technology into the design of a room.

What are the Advantages of installing mirrors?

Mirrors creates Illusion of space, Feeling of elegance and Brightens any room similar to light.

How do I clean and maintain mirrors?

To clean mirrors, use a glass cleaner or a mixture of mild detergent and water. Spray the solution onto a soft cloth or paper towel, and gently wipe the mirror in a circular motion to remove smudges and dirt. Avoid using abrasive materials that can scratch the mirror surface.

Can mirrors be custom-made to fit specific spaces?

Yes, mirrors can be custom-made to fit specific spaces. Custom mirrors can be tailored to different shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for a personalized and unique look. Professional glass and mirror companies offer customization services to meet individual requirements.

What are the benefits of using mirrors in interior design?

Mirrors offer several benefits in interior design. They can create an illusion of space, enhance natural light by reflecting it around the room, visually expand small areas, and serve as decorative elements to add style and depth to a space.

How are lift mirrors installed?

Lift mirrors are typically installed by professionals experienced in mirror TV installations. The process involves mounting the mirror securely on a wall or in a cabinet and connecting it to the TV or audiovisual equipment. The installation may require electrical wiring and proper anchoring to ensure stability and safety.

What are the different types of mirrors available?

There are several types of mirrors available, including wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, floor mirrors, decorative mirrors, full-length mirrors, and framed mirrors. Each type serves a specific purpose and can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space.

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