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Glass Splashbacks In Sydney

Highly Qualified Professional Kitchen Glass Splashbacks with Over 12 Years’ Experience in the Industry

Complete Glass & Kitchen Splashback : Advice, Replacement, Design, Installation & Maintenance

Glass Splashbacks are a stylish and practical addition to any modern kitchen or bathroom. They are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their space, while also ensuring that their walls are protected from water and other types of damage.


Sydney’s Leading Glass Splashback Repair and Replacement Services

Glass Splashbacks in Sydney are used in kitchens to restrict unwanted food or food oil from sticking to the walls. Glass splashbacks are the protective solution to secure the walls of your home. Tired of cleaning or maintaining your kitchen walls? Then what you need is to install or fit a splashback to your workstation. Glass splashbacks offer great aesthetics with minimal maintenance.

Our glass repairs Company offers glass Splashback solutions for your kitchen, restroom, and even at your commercial space. We have an experienced team who possess the right skills in installing and fitting glass splashbacks. We also have advanced high quality equipment and tools which help our technicians in quickly and safely installing the slabs according to the highest safety standards.

Fitting a splashback behind the hob or over your worktop is also a quick and affordable way to rejuvenate a tired-looking kitchen. Glass adds a gloss and shine creating a contemporary design edge to your kitchen, while stainless steel is popular behind a hob for practicality and sheer good looks. Subway tiles are an enduringly popular choice while an acrylic splashback is durable and ultra-hygienic, with colours that don’t fade and some incredible patterns and designs to choose from. Whichever material you choose, your splashback must look spectacular yet be robust and possess low maintenance.

Where is it best to install a Glass Splashback in Sydney?

In the kitchen, you need to install it behind the sink or above the hob as it is where the majority of spills and splashes occur. However, the hob and the sink are also the focal points of your kitchen, so why not use a splashback that also offers a luxurious look. A flexible and easy-to-install acrylic panel can make an instant transformation to your kitchen, adding a pop of colour or a standout pattern to deliver an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution.

At Trident Glass Repairs, we can offer you a wide range of Glass Splashback solutions for your workstation.


Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Large kitchen splashbacks and the glass near a heat source need to be made of toughened glass, for safety reasons. Splashbacks can also be installed in Slump or textured glass. We also provide the new ‘Metallic Fleck’ for those wanting to make a statement in their kitchen.

Our excellent enduroshield option will reduce the time spent cleaning the kitchen. Enduroshield is an ultra-thin transparent coating that fully sticks to the glass surface and offers a protection that repels all water and oil-based stains. Enduroshield is a permanent application that removes the necessity for harsh cleaning.

The special Starphire glass which is used for your kitchen splashbacks is the most robust and reliable material. The material restricts stains and is designed to be highly durable. Trident Glass Repairs provides you with a wide range of options in terms of colours and styles.

Bathroom Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are also used in bathrooms or restrooms. It offers amazing features in protecting the walls of the restroom. At Trident Glass Repairs we provide a huge variety of colours and styling to choose from, and splashbacks and glass walls can be installed on top of your existing tiling, or on the bare wall itself.

Through the help of Enduroshield coating, your glass can get cleaned at faster and simpler rates as compared to cleaning restroom tiling. Large glass walls and splashbacks in your bathroom create a spacious and modern feel that makes your restroom a lot more stylish.

Glass Splashbacks | Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Commercial Glass Splashbacks

Our commercial glass splashbacks set the industry benchmark when it comes to design options and safety. From foyer areas and meeting rooms to medical centers and apartment buildings, our glass solutions will beautify your business space.

Types of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks that Trident Glass Repairs provide

We provide a variety of Glass Splashbacks including the following.

Crystal Stones Collection

Crystal stone splashbacks have a range of CreoGlass splashbacks inspired by the beauty of nature, especially stones such as marble and onyx. Bringing nature into your home through your Crystal Stones kitchen Glass Splashback is the method to surround yourself with nature at its most beautiful, with the kitchen being the most used room in the house. A beautiful kitchen splashback will become the focal point of the room, creating a grounded center and a conversation piece among family and friends.


Glass Splashbacks FEATURES:

6mm Toughened Glass

Maximum Panel Length Of 3 Metres (standard) or 4.5 Metres (oversized)

Made using a multi-layered process

All UK Made Toughened Glass

Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C

Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches

Easy To Keep Clean Surfaces

Ten years guarantee’

Full Measuring and Fitting Service Provided (optional)

Kitchen glass splashback

Glass Splashbacks Application:

The Crystal Stone Collection is suitable as Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens and general cladding of walls, glass cladding pillars, facias of reception front desks or bars. It is good for bigger scale Art-Feature Walls in swimming pools, living rooms, hallways, and lobbies

Mirrored Splashbacks

Trident Glass Repairs use Toughened Glass which is heat resistant up to 400°C, making it completely safe to use behind your hob so as to prevent it from cracking under heat from the stove or from the intricate cut around sockets.

Advantages of mirror splashbacks

At least four times stronger than annealed glass

Creates the illusion of space – making the kitchen appear bigger

Heat resistant to 400 degrees centigrade

Increases the brightness in the room – reflects light

Safe – complies with British Standards BS EN 12150

Offers an eye-catching, captivating look

Kitchen splashback
Kitchen splashback

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Printed Glass Splashbacks are used for customization to suit the whimsical style needs of your kitchen. Our printed splashbacks permit you to build a kitchen that specifically shows your personality and adds value to your space. With the printed ultra-high resolution with the choice of incorporating elements of raw materials, fine glitters, and mirrors, your design will create a beautiful display in the kitchen.


Heat resistant to 400 degrees centigrade

Custom Fit and Made to Measure

Easy to Clean

More Hygienic than grout and tiles

High Gloss

Ultra-high resolution images

Maximum single Panel Length Of 3 Metres

Trident Glass Repairs furnish various types of Glass Splashbacks in Sydney for the kitchen and pantry or restrooms at less cost as compared to the other Glass splashbacks. For more information you can visit our website and contact us for quotes or other Glass Splashback-related questions. We can offer you the most effective Glass splashback solution for your space so that your walls get saved from unnecessary stains and dirt. We aim to save your walls through our most durable and robust splashback glasses so that your kitchen or restroom gets a brighter look.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glass Splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks are a stylish and practical addition to any modern kitchen or bathroom

What is the main purpose of using Glass splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks are used in bathroom and kitchens to restrict unwanted food or food oil from sticking to the walls. Glass splashbacks are the protective solution to secure the walls of your home.

What are the diffearent types of Kitchen glass splashbacks?

There are various types of kitchen splashbacks like Crystal stone splashback, Mirrored Splashbacks and Printed Glass Splashbacks

What are the Advantages of using Glass Splashbacks?

Glass Splashbacks are four times stronger than annealed glass, Creates the illusion of space, Heat resistant to 400 degrees centigrade, Increases the brightness in the room , Easy to Clean and More Hygienic than grout and tiles

Does Glass Splashbacks are avilable in colours and design?

Trident glass provides colours, patterns and design for Glass splashbacks.

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