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Whether you are looking to get your broken glass windows repaired or want to entirely replace your old glass windows with a new, better product, you should only trust a qualified glazier for the job.

As a leading glass repair and replacement company in Sydney, we are often asked if we provide glass replacement for windows, and our reply is always the same, “Yes, of course, this is exactly what we do.” We at Trident Glass offer complete glass repairing and replacement solutions to residential and commercial properties in Sydney at competitive prices.

Got a broken glass window? We know how frustrating it can be. But, before you get excited and decide to replace the glass window by yourself or get an untrained person to do the job, make sure that you are aware of the risks of DIY glass repair and replacement. We recommend hiring a professional, qualified glazier for the job. Call us for help.

If you’ve got your glass window broken, there are two things that can be done. First, you can consider replacing only the actual glass that is damaged (in case it is not possible to repair the glass).

Another option is to get the entire window, including the aluminium framework, replaced with a new one, which is suitable in case the frame is too old or you want to replace your window with a better product such as aluminium in place of timber

Confused between the two? Contact our expert glass replacement professionals for free consulting.

In general, customers would be looking for the quickest and cheapest solution, which in this case is to simply replace the broken glass. This is a good option if the window frame is intact and doesn’t need replacing. Also, it will take less time to replace the glass instead of replacing the entire window, which may take anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

How Emergency Glass Repair/Replacement Works

As we mentioned before, the best option for glass replacement is to hire a professional. You can call Trident Glass for all your glass repair service or glass replacement in Sydney requirements and we will get it done in the fastest way possible.

As one of the largest glass repairing companies in Sydney, we can perform full window glass replacement for any large or small space within hours. We have a team of 20+ full-time glaziers and glass installation experts working round the clock to help local businesses and households with their glass repair and replacement needs.

For emergency glass repair or replacement, you can call us for the same day service. Depending on the availability, our team will arrive at your palace to analyse the situation.

After an initial analysis, they will give you the quote including the best plan for your window glass replacement. They will also tell you if complete window replacement is a better option in your case.

A typical window glass replacement job would take a day or so. However, if you decide to go for complete window replacement, the task should easily take 4-5 days depending on the size of the window.

We also supply glass and other materials needed for a window replacement project. Our team will work alongside you to come up with the best glass type for your window.

Once you confirm, we will place the glass order, which may take a couple of hours (sometimes days) to arrive, depending on your location. (Though we generally have glass available in our local warehouse in Sydney, we sometimes may need to import from other locations, which may take more time).

Before the new glass can be installed, the old window glass or its broken parts and shards must be removed carefully and completely. We will take care of it.

Once the replacement glass has arrived, it will be processed, coated and customised according to the style of your place and the window framework. The process might take a few hours.

Once it is done, our professional glaziers will carefully install the glass in your existing windows. Once the glass is installed, it will be thoroughly checked for imperfections or damages and to make sure that the glass is aligned perfectly.

Of course, the turnaround time in such a project is very important. We will analyse the situation for emergencies and provide the service accordingly. It is always our goal to provide our customers with the best glass repair or glass replacement service in the shortest time possible to meet their needs. Contact Trident Glass to book an emergency glass replacement today.