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Everything You Need To Know About Bath Shower Screens

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In today’s modern homes, bathrooms are not only one of the essential parts of your house. Just like any other room, bathrooms too are designed by professional interior decorators, with a good deal of creative modifications and some serious aesthetic touch- ups. For many people, investing a little more in their bathroom makes sense because it is not only about the curb appeal, but it also increases the overall functionality and value of their property.
Installing bathroom shower screens, replacing the existing ones, or even shower screen repairs near me can be considered an important part of bathroom renovation.
So, before you opt for bath shower screens, taking a look at the following guide will help you make an informed decision.

The Key Factors to Consider Bath Shower Screens

Installing shower screens can be impactful enough to convert your simple-looking bathroom into a luxury one. Apart from adding great functionalities, the shower screens also significantly spice up the design and make the maintenance of the bathroom way easier.
Here, let us have a look at the key reasons for setting up shower screens in the bathroom.

Appealing, Attractive, Yet Affordable

It is one of the key reasons people choose to install shower screens in their bathrooms. Consequently, your bathroom looks more alluring and harmonised. And when these screens are mixed and matched with other elements of interior design, this can translate into a positive and charming appearance.


The shower screens are available in various designs and sizes, which means you can pick your preferred options. Moreover, you can easily personalise these screens as per your bathroom space.

Highly Durable

There is a misconception that the shower screen glass is not safe, but this is not true. These are highly durable because tempered glass is used in these elements, which makes them exceptionally durable and strong. However, if your bath shower screens need repair after prolonged usage, you can opt for shower screen repairs near me for a quick and enduring solution.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Shower screen installation means the best return on investment. There is no need to take stress about maintaining it regularly. Just clean the screens only when it accumulates dried water spots or soap residues.

Popular Types of Shower Screens​

Bathroom shower screens are available in various shapes such as square, half-circle, semi-oval, rectangular, etc. Therefore, you can make selections depending on the availability of space.

Half-circle Shower Screen

With one straight side, and the other side curved, modern property owners highly prefer these stylish options.

Semi-oval Shower Screen

It has two ends like square shower enclosures, but the middle part is curved and faces outward to the bathroom.

Square Shower Screen

With a similar length on the four sides, this screen is also suitable for bathrooms of small space. You can even fit them onto the bathroom corners.

Rectangular Shower Screen

Larger than the square screen, it offers more space to the user. It is even suitable for irregularly shaped areas.


Hopefully, the detailed summary of the shower screens will help you make an informed decision and encourage you to install one. Whether you are looking for shower screen repairs near me, or want to install or replace the worn-out ones, contact a trusted glass specialist.