How to Fix and Repair Cracked Glass Table Top

How to Fix and Repair Cracked Glass Table Top

How to Fix and Repair Cracked Glass Table Top




Glass is as delicate as looks beautiful in any furniture. But it often happens that it breaks due to many reasons. And to neglect this, there are many tips and tricks to Repair Cracked Glass Table Top that have been come up to cover it.

Here Are Some Ideas To Easily Fix A Cracked Glass Table Top – 

  1. In the beginning, you were required to buy a certain resin for glass called ‘epoxy’. Regularly, clean your glass table to eliminate any dust, crumbs, and dirt.
  2. This resin comes in two different forms.
  3. While using the gun, you can fill the crack with resin letting it penetrate to the bottom.

And here is the proper step to let you know to fix a crack in a glass table –

  • STEP – 1: Clean the glass with dish soap
  • STEP- 2: Merge up the two-part epoxy
  • STEP -3: Apply the epoxy to the crack in the glass using a putty knife.
  • Step – 4: Eliminate excess epoxy with the help of a razor blade and the rest cure.
  • STEP -5: Spiff up the surface with a glass cleaner.

Generally, glass table tops as interior accessories are popular for their attractiveness and functional purposes as well. These glasses can make your table look classy and sophisticated while providing additional protection for your furniture.

These glass tables come in multiple shapes and sizes and are quite efficient in making any space for your home feel larger and more open. It can easily complement other furniture, which looks perfect from any angle. However, glass material is fragile and prone to a series of defects.

It is very common that something would drop on the glass which causes the glass to fracture and is unavoidable.

Common Causes of Glass Table Top Damage :

Are you the one who is dealing with the Repair Cracked Glass Table Top, or broken or damaged glass tabletop that needs to be replaced?  Sometimes these glasses break due to extensive reasons which we see like something heavy that falls on them. But apart from that sometimes you won’t understand the reason but it happens.

While installing or moving the glass top, chips and cracks may happen across the corner and edges. Nails and screws used to attach the glass top may also nick the glass if they are installed at the wrong angles. With passing time as the stress develops across the nicks, it may lead to breakage.

Also, using a thin glass for tables that heavily use the wrong glass type can lead to accidental cracking or shattering of the glass tabletop. However, when the glass tabletop does not have enough support, improper attachment, or is heavily loaded, it easily cracks.

Nickel-sulfide inclusions are another reason for such damage. These particles can develop during the glass manufacturing process, most likely from stainless steel machinery holding nickel and fuel with sulfur.

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Can the Damaged Table Top glass Be Repaired or Replaced?

Whether to glass repair or replace the glass varies on numerous factors. In case the damage is not extensive like if it is damaged from the edge or corner then, you can fix it and if the damage is severe then the only solution left will be replaced.

There are a lot of home remedies to prevent minor damage such as toothpaste, vinegar, nail polish, jeweler’s rouge, and lemon juice are worth in handling smaller scratches, chips, cracks, and stains that may happen on the glass top with regular usage. These home remedies for minor damage can save you many bucks. However, replacing the entire glass tabletop can sometimes be even less expensive than repairing.

To sustain more and continue to grace at your place here we are suggesting you with some of the best glasses which survive longer and can be replaced in the place of damaged glass –

1. Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic looks similar to glass although it is more durable, lightweight, and unlikely to fracture. You can easily get in at many shops and can be cut to any shape and size as per your requirement. They are more prone to scratches and require to be covered. 

2. Tempered glass 

Tempered glass is one of the other options in place of glass. It is 4 to 6 times stronger than regular glass and it has less chance of breakage. Unlike regular glass, It does not shatter into large shards when broken. However, when it shatters, it breaks into smaller pieces and does not form sharp splinters which makes it quite safer for the home environment. Unlike others, it is a bit more expensive than normal glass because of the added heat treatment processing. It is not possible to drill or cut the glass without shattering.

3. Annealed glass

The process of making Annealed glass indulges in heating first and then slowly cooling it to relieve any internal stress. Due to this, the resultant Annealed glass is softer than the tempered glass but it tends to break the long, jagged shards which are why significant injury occurs. It is economical and cost-effective than tempered glass.

4. Laminated glass

Two pieces of annealed glasses merged by a vinyl layer make Laminated safety glass. The vinyl layer behaves as a holding agent. If the glass is broken or speared, the holding property of the vinyl layer protects it from smashing.

If you have a damaged glass tabletop and require a replacement then look no further than Trident glass repairs. It offers a huge variety of glass shapes, sizes, and colors with different types of finishes to choose from. Due to custom cutting your house will look more elegant and adorable with these glasses.