10 Benefits of Double Glazed Windows (Advantages of Double Glazing)

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Australia seems like part of an entirely different world, with everything from plants to organisms to temperatures so diverse. The diversity and gap between higher temperature and lower temperature create a huge problem for people who live here.

Australians are using various tricks, methods, and techniques to make things easier, especially indoors. Heating and cooling is one such method to maintain a constant temperature. However, it has been observed that heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of the total energy use of the average Australian household.

It is just 10% below half of our household energy use, but what if there is a way to make your home more energy-efficient and help you save on heating and cooling costs? If you want to maintain a stable, comfortable temperature for your home all year round – no matter what the season, without spending much on energy, double glazing in Sydney is here for you.

Double Glazed Windows

While the regular windows are normally built with a thin 3 mm pane of glass. Double glazed windows normally have a pocket of argon gas air sandwiched between two panes of thick glass. Both window panes are installed on the same frame. Argon gas acts as insulation between the two panes.

Insulation does not allow air to escape, thus warm air during winter and cold air during summer will be kept inside. Keeping the temperature inside the house stable.

By double glazing your windows, you can reduce your expenditure on energy use. However, there are many other advantages of double-glazed windows, which we are going to list down here.

Benefits to Double Glazing Windows

Controls the temperature in your home

The temperature in Sydney’s winter can dip to 8.8 °C, and during summer the temperature can cross 25.8 °C easily with the humidity up to 65%. This difference in temperature ensures throughout the year that you’re constantly using your air-conditioner or heaters to their full potential. Double glazed windows can create a stable temperature in your home without much effort. You can maintain a stable temperature throughout the session with double-glazed windows.

It reduces energy Costs

Hot and cold air escapes through the non-insulated windows which leads to more mechanical heating and cooling. As most of these machines run on electricity the energy cost will increase rapidly.

double glazing windows trap that warm air during the cold winter days and cool air during the hot summer days. As a result, there is less need to turn on your AC or heating system. Additionally, it will also reduce environmental footprint and greenhouse emissions.

Noise Reduction

It is a well-known fact that noise pollution has harmful effects on our health, especially mental health. The harmful effects of noise pollution include hearing problems, sleeplessness, and increased blood pressure.

It is unavoidable in big cities like Sydney. When you are at home you can hear traffic outside and cars honking during the day. And nights pass by hearing airplanes flying overhead or neighbors playing music. Then there’s construction work happening nearby which irritates us all day and night.

While regular windows with 3mm thickness are not effective to reduce noise, double glazed windows with 8.76mm thickness and14mm argon gas air gap are an efficient noise-canceling solution.


Are you always fighting with blinds or curtains to keep your privacy protected? Do you wish you could open your curtains and let the light in without anyone noticing? If yes, Double glazed windows can be your perfect solution.

Double glazed windows can provide the perfect solution for maintaining privacy without the use of curtains or blinds, and even without ruining your view from inside. With reflective coating, there’s no need to put extra effort to protect your privacy.

Reduce UV Damage

If you think of UV rays from the sun only damage our skin. Then you are wrong! The sun can cause harm to our homes as well. Actually, the rays from the sun are considered one of the top sources of damage to our homes. These rays can discolor wooden furniture, flooring, and upholstery. It can also cause harm to your artwork, and they start to fade in no time.

Double glazing your windows can reduce UV damage, anti-UV formula and film can be easily applied to block the UV rays from entering your home.

Increase Property value

Investment in good and meaningful stuff/ improvement can increase the value of your property. Times.com revealed that home improvements returned 62% of their cost on resale in 2014.

Double glazing your windows is one such investment. It will make your home energy-efficient, which will of course increase the value of the property.

It reduces condensation

During the freezing months, the temperature outside remains very low but high humidity takes place inside, which causes condensation on windows. Which can also lead to unsightly mold growth.

Installing double glazing windows in your home can reduce condensation by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the house. Double glazing is the effective solution to keep the window at room temperature.

A safer solution

As stated above, double glazing windows are more thick compared to regular glass windows. It is thicker, stronger, and more durable too. These glass windows are not easy to break thus providing more safety to houses and people who live there.

Attractive Solution

Double glazed windows give your home a sleek, modern look and amazing feel. They also do not look odd. Thus install them to make your home more beautiful.


There are varieties of customizable options available with double-glazed windows. You can choose an aluminium frame which is inexpensive but timber frames, uPVC material frames are also suitable for it.

You can also have tilt and turn windows, awning windows, fixed windows, casement windows, or double-hung windows. In the end, a range of colors and styles are also here for making it suitable according to your home design.

Essential Improvement your home needs!

By double glazing your windows, you are choosing a durable, secure, and highly efficient option against your regular glass windows.  You are also reducing your energy bill and reducing your environmental footprint. If you want to avail all the benefits of double glazing windows make sure to contact a reputed Emergency Glass Repairs company, and if you are looking for one such company contact Trident Glass now.